Geek with Kids

Although I found motherhood a new good post, I can’t bury my geekhood in the sand and deny to my kids that I was once a geek with broken glasses.

Recently my laptop hard disk crashed (why can’t SSD have a much bigger capacity?) and a whole new action items just flashed into my mind.  It’s like facing death when u get that flash of your life in an instant.  I envisioned myself digging open my HD and hooking it up to my desktop to save whatever remained.  But I couldn’t get the SATA to connect.  Damn.  So I had to go plan B, get a new 7200 RPM hard disk and a new enclosure, so that I could still get the trashed HD hooked up to my PC and ran a recovery diagnostic procedure on it.  I get ambitious with the new HD.  I’d partition it into a few parts and perhaps do a triple boot on it.  XP, Vista and Ubuntu.  I’d love to just run Ubuntu on it but I realised that Dreamweaver probably doesn’t have Linux version so some things are best left to Windows.

So I pried open my laptop.  I can’t believe how tight the screws were wound and had to ask the spouse to help unscrew.  He taught me how to use the pliers in addition to the well, screwdriver.  Off it came, I scrutinized the HD and found out that Compaq uses Fujitsu hard disks.  Ran a Fujitsu comprehensive diagnostic but it couldn’t fix the problem and I was about to hook it up to the desktop when my toddler grabbed the screws in an instant.  My visions popped off like a balloon.  I had to spend 10 minutes trying to retrieve the screws from her tight fist and endure the screaming fit that could send the spouse scuttling over to check out what the horror was about.  And the toddler would go after the spouse with a very sorry face, screws still safely hidden in her fist and there goes my geeky repair for the day.  I can’t find another day to continue the dusty hobby of mine.  And that sux.  B’cos I missed looking at the unpretty side of the ‘puters and envisioning the future.  It’s always about making it future-proof but I end up spending hundreds on it every year.  I’m not sure if I want my kids to be a geek like me.  I mean, I have alternative interest, like Science, and Art.  I did well in both and it’s hard for me to decide which stream I wanted to go on secondary three.  But that’s not for me to worry now.  Whatever they decide, I’d be behind them all the way.

I’ll be back to make my triple boot laptop a reality some day!